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Joe Blasco Brushes & Tools

ULTRA "UEM" BRUSH A small wedge brush for precise eyeliner and eyebrow application, specifically created by Joe Blasco for the application of Ultamatte Eye magic (U.E.M.).


PENCIL SHARPENER A highly effective sharpener that keeps pencils in perfect operating condition. Sharpener is completely enclosed in order to catch shavings.


EYELASH CURLER Achieve perfectly curled lashes effortlessly. Replacement lash pad included.

Joe Blasco has just created a new cruelty free Ultra-Pro brush set! This beautiful brush set is wrapped in its own brush roll/brush wallet and contains 33 "cruelty-free" professional brushes that will enhance the speed and efficiency of your make up application to provide quality results. "Cruelty-free" means that absolutely no animals were harmed or used in any way for the manufacturing of these finest high quality brushes! The brush bristles are made from exquisitely fashioned nylon fibers that adapts to both oil and water applied techniques. They are easily washable with soap and water and all "non-acetone-based" brush cleaners.

These brushes are absolutely everything that a professional makeup artist needs to perfectly apply their craft in the most artistic and technical fashion. Beautiful and affordable... only from Joe Blasco!

Product Code Description Quantity Unit Price  
UUB Ultra UEM Brush 19.00 Add to Cart
ELPS Eye / Lip PENCIL SHARPENER 10.76 Add to Cart
EC EYELASH CURLER 16.00 Add to Cart
UBS Joe Blasco Ultra-Pro Brush Set 175.00 Add to Cart