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Joe Blasco Neutralizer

Experience the difference of these amazing corrective products formulated to instantly neutralize skin discolorations and imperfections such as blemishes, under-eye circles, age spots, and healed skin injuries.


NATURAL NEUTRALIZERS are base-tone related concealers available in the following varieties: Red neutralizer (to conceal redness), Blue neutralizer (to conceal blueness), and Brown neutralizer (to conceal brown or gray-brown discolorations and shadows).


REGULAR NEUTRALIZERS, which must be mixed with base color to appear natural on the skin, are “colored” formulas that conceal redness.


Joe Blasco Regular Neutralizer
TVC 15
Muted Yellow


Joe Blasco Natural Neutralizer
Red Neutralizer 1
Red Neutralizer 2
Special Red Neutralizer
Blue Neutralizer
Special Blue Neutralizer
Brown Neutralizer


Joe Blasco Teen Blemish Cover
Teen Cover 1
Teen Cover 2