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Product Name Changes

Please make note of the following important product name changes


Old Name New Name
The Oriental Series Warm Olive Series
Extra Light Oriental Warm Olive 1
Light Oriental Warm Olive 2
Medium Oriental Warm Olive 3
Dark Oriental Warm Olive 4
Golden Olive 3 Golden Olive 1
Golden Olive 5 Golden Olive 2
Golden Olive 7 Golden Olive 3
Ruddy Ultra fair 3 Ultra Fair
Ruddy Beige 2 Warm Beige
Peachtone 2 Peachtone
Natural Beige 4 Natural tan
Olive Beige 4 Summertone
Ruddy Beige 4 Suntan
Special Lite Olive 5 Natural Bronze
Special Dark Olive 1 Honey
Special Dark Olive 2 Moon Haze
Special Dark Olive 3 Maple
Special Dark Olive 4 Twilight
Special Dark Olive 5 Deep Ebony


Old Name New Name
Natural Shading 2 Light skin Shading
Dark skin Shading 2 Dark skin Shading


Old Name New Name
Pink Highlight 1 Pink Highlight
Dark skin Highlight 1 Dark skin Highlight

Old Name New Name
Dermaceal 1 Dermaceal Light
Dermaceal 2 Dermaceal Medium
Dermaceal 4 Dermaceal Dark
Dermaceal 14 Dermaceal Red-Away
Dermaceal 15 Dermaceal Blue-Away

Natural Neutralizers

Old Name New Name
Natural Blue Neutralizer 1 Blue Neutralizer
Peachtone 1 Brown Neutralizer

Cream Blush

Old Name New Name
Men's Cheek Color Cola
Natural Regular Natural Blush

Ultra Fine™ Setting Powder

Old Name New Name
Olive Translucent Light Powder
Olive Light Skin Medium Powder
Olive Dark Skin Dark Powder

Blasco Skin Care

Old Name New Name
Hydropoise Blasco Moisturizer
Effectipoise Blasco Cleansing Lotion
Equipoise Blasco Prebase